Ventilation Optimization

With the use of CFD analysis our design solutions are optimized to achieve high efficiency and energy saving in accordance to industry codes. DEINDE uses CFD analysis to design and optimize systems for various applications such as contaminant control in clean rooms and hospitals, pressurization and smoke control in atriums, comfort cooling in commercial kitchens, ducted and ductless industrial ventilation, natural ventilation, data centre cooling, district cooling, wind load analysis.

Industrial Ventilation-ivtemp2  For a ventilation system in any industrial environment, meeting process requirement efficiently along with human comfort is a rare possibility; often they are over designed to compensate for any hidden issue in the design itself. For pharmaceutical and food industry meeting the process requirement of specific temperature and humidity with human comfort is difficult to achieve. CFD analysis helps in achieving process requirement efficiently with human comfort and contaminant control.

Bio-safety Lab Contaminant Control-Contaminant 1 A careful approach is required to design the ventilation of laboratories especially Bio-safety labs to maintain laboratory safety and protection to life and property. Major challenge is to control the contaminant propagation, as well as the operation of the equipment such as the Bio safety cabinets, fume hoods etc.

Data Center cooling analysis-dc5 Since data is crucial to most organizations’ operations, it must be preserved, protected and accessible at all times. For that a data center has to perform up to the mark. For that to happen the cooling system should work properly from the day one itself. Setting up a data center is a cumbersome and an expensive affair, so to get everything right from the very first moment is crucial. CFD analysis comes handy when it comes to design an optimized and efficient cooling system for any such application like data center.

kveqpCommercial Kitchen- Meeting the challenges of a commercial kitchen environment is a big deal and hence often over-looked. In a commercial kitchen, working conditions are especially demanding. Ventilation plays an important role in providing comfortable and productive working conditions while ensuring complete control over contaminant removal.

cpco1Car-park CO Simulation- In absence of proper ventilation system, parking facility presents several Internal Air Quality problems. Most serious is the emission of high levels of CO; it can cause adverse health effects varying from headache to death. By using CFD analysis we ensure that the ventilation system meets the NBC, ASHRAE and WHO guidelines for CO exposure and smoke control etc. The working of staircase pressurization, zone modelling for CO removal can also be analysed. For a large car park the zoning can also be done in an optimized manner to ensure operation of minimum fans to remove the CO (energy saving in long run).

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