FEA & CAE Services

We provide CAE and FEA services for product design and development.

Technical Expertise

  • Stress Analysis

  • Thermal Analysis

  • Crash Analysis

  • Rotating Machinery

  • Mechanical Vibrations

  • Design Optimization


  • Turbo machinery product development

  • Bus body design, structure design

  • Medical applications, bone fracture analysis

  • Heat transfer applications

  • HVAC equipment vibration isolation

  • Part & assembly designing & optimization

  • Drop test and analysis, Fatigue testing

  • Vibration analysis model & random Buckling analysis

  • Weight optimization, rapid product development, R&D

  • Acoustical analysis and mechanical vibrations analysis

  • Detection of stress concentration

  • Jigs & Fixture Designing: New Jig& fixture design, Development of old jig and fixture, Hydraulic and pneumatic extension

  • Mold designing, Runner designing, Heat transfer& cooling analysis

  • Reverse Engineering, Digitization of mechanical designs, 3D Scanning, 3D modelling and detailed 2D manufacturing drawings

  • CNC Programming: Laser Jet Cutting, Water jet machining, 2 axis 3axis 4axis engraving.

  • Sheet Metal Designing: Unfolded sheet (dxf), Total weight and costing, 3D modelling of sheet metal as per industrial processes and standards

    We also provide Rapid Prototyping, Bus Body Structure Design and Bus Seat Design services.

For more details on our design capabilities, contact us at info@deinde.in and request a quote for your project.

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