Our engineers with diverse skills and extensive domain expertise create MEPF BIM models and validate these models for constructability, performance, and maintenance of the building. Our familiarity with various codes such as IPC, ASHRAE, NFPA and the ability to follow Client/industry specific Drafting standards ensures flexible solutions for the customers and assures efficient deliveries.



Our BIM Architectural and structural design responds uniquely to the complexities of individual client’s cultures, goals and uses. We provide Structural services for industrial, commercial & residential projects using Revit and AutoCAD. We specialize in producing structural BIM models and detailed structural shop drawings.



We generate a coordinated BIM model after resolving the clashes among all the trades (Architecture, Structure, Concrete, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, etc). Clashes are resolved through WebEx meetings/ sharing 3D clash snapshot. Clashes are resolved by re-routing utilities, changing elevation and re-sizing.



We deliver quality construction projects to make your dream space come to life efficiently on time and on budget. Our Construction Management process exceeds project objectives with structured and consistent systems applied by our proactive Project Team through strategies that meet strict schedule and cost objectives.Our talented team review design documents, create project schedules, manage logistics plans, and validate project estimates accurately. Currently we are serving Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Chandigarh region.



Our engineers with diversWe do precise and accurate modeling, coordination and quantity take-off. We have executed several projects at renovation or extension stage for Scan to BIM for international clients, including major construction companies.



We manage complete contact records of every project, including accurate data for essential fields. The building information model files, drawings and the PDFs are organized to be easily accessed through secure server directories. Our engineers follow COBie and Omniclass standards for managing facility assets.


The main objective of the quality control (QC) process is to detect errors and rectify it. Ensuring quality is a group effort and our dedicated QC team is led by a highly qualified and experienced Manager in M&E Coordination and Quality Control.



The recurring changes in the design process affects the BIM Model which can be resolved by making a bridge between different stakeholders. We thus provide simplifies solutions by providing value engineering and easy solutions.

BIM Analysis & Modeling SERVICES

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been defined as “the act of creating an electronic model of a facility for the purpose of visualization, design analysis, conflict analysis, code criteria checking, cost, as-built product, budgeting and many other purposes.

BIM Modelling as per LOD requirement from basic LOD 100 to detailed data rich LOD 500. Designing, drafting and modelling in the areas of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, Firefighting and securities (MEPFS) systems.

Deinde’s core ‘Building Information Modelling’ expertise lies in:

  • 3D BIM: Modeling and Documentation
  • 4D BIM: Integration for Construction
  • 5D BIM: Cost Estimation
  • 6D BIM: Building Life Cycle Integration