Car Parks CO & Smoke Simulation

Parameters Studied:

  • Concentration level of CO
  • Performance of Jet fans
  • Effectiveness of designed HVAC system to clear smoke
  • Temperature profile
  • Jet fans velocity profiles


The objective of the project was to decide and optimize the no. of fans & its configuration, position of supply & exhaust system to keep the CO level within safety limit and clear the smoke within specified time frame to meet the safety criteria.

Deinde conducted an unsteady state simulation to check the propagation of fire smoke & its reduction over the time when all jet fan was run as per their designed operating conditions.

Report/ Deliverable :

  1. Detail report of HVAC performance based on CFD results
  2. Flow details -Velocity plots at different sections, Animations for visual inspections.
  3. Co concentration level in different sections
  4. Temperature profile
  5. Time taken to clear the smoke