We have achieved excellence in providing CFD analysis and CFD simulation services for industrial equipment, building products and processing units. We provide design insights and optimization of product for complex engineering projects. For building design & industrial environment control we provide CFD analysis for thermal comfort, fire & smoke analysis, contaminant control, precision temperature control, wind load analysis, pollution control for townships, industrial installations-cooling towers etc.


Deinde can help fabricators and design engineers for structural, thermal, fatigue, stress and pressure analysis on any fluid carrying object/structure. We do design optimization and analysis for all mechanical equipment’s used in industrial plants, automotive manufacturing, sheet metal product OEM, and pressure vessel OEM. 

Product Design

DEINDE has professional 3d CAD designers to produce 3D models for prototyping or 3D printing. We manufacture ready product designs from your drawings and sketches. We utilize the latest 3D CAD product design software so that you can review and see your 3D design progress as well.